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Larry Berke and David Simmons Update

There have been a flurry of legal activity at the District Court of NJ. David Simmons had his probation revised to add a new special condition that he pay a monthly restitution payment of $50.  This was approved by the … Continue reading

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Bonheyo & Bonheyo – Guilty

On August 21, 2012, plea arrangement documentation for Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo have been filed with the U.S. District Court of New Jersey.  In the documentation, both Bonheyos understood that the substance (meat) of the charge(s) against them was … Continue reading

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Bonheyo & Bonheyo Update

There have been movement in the case against Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo in the summer. Their trial date was scheduled for June 20, 2012, but Prosecutor Ryan Faulconer requested a continuance of the trial, which was subsequently approved by … Continue reading

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Trial and Sentencing Hearings

What follows is a schedule of all trial and sentencing hearings. The times noted are in Eastern Time, and the hearings are held in Trenton, New Jersey at the District Court located at this address: 402 East State Street. The … Continue reading

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Sentenced To

  3:09-cr-00810-JAP ICSD Defendant Sentenced To (terminated) Buscaron, Yosbel Sentence Date: October 15, 2012 Sentenced: 5 years probation with standard conditions; 200 hours over 5 years of Community Service; 1 year of home confinement and electronic location monitoring; $2.5 million … Continue reading

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VRS Case List

3:14-cr-00128 Edit 3:09-cr-00810-JAP ICSD defendants 3:09-cr-00810-JAP-1 Yosbel Buscaron (terminated) 3:09-cr-00810-JAP-2 Lazaro Fernandez (terminated) 3:09-cr-00810-JAP-3 Wanda Hutchinson (terminated) 3:09-cr-00810-JAP-4 Jessica Bacallao (terminated) 3:09-cr-00810-JAP-5 Kathleen Valle (terminated) 3:09-cr-00811-JAP DHIS defendants 3:09-cr-00811-JAP-1 Irma Azrelyant (terminated) 3:09-cr-00811-JAP-2 Joshua Finkle (terminated) 3:09-cr-00811-JAP-3 Nathan Zfati (terminated) … Continue reading

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Welcome to VRS Justice!

Thank you, dear reader, for coming here to this Blog in order to keep up with the ongoing VRS Fraud updates.  This is a note from the author for your reading pleasure. What is VRSJustice? What is VRSJustice?  To answer … Continue reading

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