News Blurb: Pena to Oklahoma FTC

As I promised, as soon as the Bureau of Prisons updated the Benjamin Pena inmate locator with a specific facility name, I would post a news blurb.  He is currently incarcerated at the Oklahoma City FTC. 

What I found interesting is that although Mr. Pena lived in Arizona at the time of sentencing, and there is a FTC nearby in Tucson (where Larry Berke along with a Deaf lifer are currently at), the BOP has determined that the Oklahoma City FTC is a better fit for Mr. Pena.

No further updates on the Hennadii Holovkin sentencing date.

Because I do not anticipate any further updates until 2013, VRSJustice would like to wish you all a happy and safe 2013!

UPDATE 2/28/2013:  Mr. Pena has been transferred once again to FCI La Tuna in Anthony, Texas.

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