Still Alive and Watching…

Greetings readers:

A quick blurb to let you all know that I am still on the watch for further updates regarding these VRS Fraud cases. There have been no court date changes for the remaining seven defendants. There were two new documents checked into PACER.

These documents are for the Bonheyo and Bonheyo defendants. The new orders signed by the Honorable Judge Pisano for Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo are to allow them to travel throughout the USA, rather than restrict their travel to certain few states.

Attached are the PDFs for both orders, and they do make for interesting reading. Number 8 on both orders state:

“Have no contact with Bonheyo and Bonheyo, LLC, Hawk and Ray, LLC, The complete listings and Communication Access Center; except for social/child contact for Robert Monroe”

Three names in that statement are quite telling — in that the US Government may not be done with the prosecution of the VRS Fraud cases. Those names are: Hawk and Ray, LLC (I will not state the actual name since it is not mentioned explicitly, but suffice to say, this may very well be a bad typo on the clerk’s end); Communication Access Center and the vague “The complete listings”.

Bridget Bonheyo Travel Order is here
Jerome Bonheyo Travel Order is here

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4 Responses to Still Alive and Watching…

  1. Disappointed says:

    Maybe their daughter needs to go to Aspen summer camp for two weeks. Who knows?

  2. D. S. says:

    What is happening with the Bonheyo case? Thanks

    • vrsjustice says:

      D. S.:

      The sentencing date for the Bonheyos was July 15, 2013, but has been rescheduled to TBD, to be determined. As soon as the District Court posts up an updated sentencing date, this blog will make a note of that.

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