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News Blurb: VRS Fraud Inmate Updates

A quick update on the whereabouts of the VRS Fraud inmates since there have been movement on their locations. Larry Berke has transferred from Tucson FCI over to CCM Phoenix.  This is interesting since if you recall his lawsuit prior … Continue reading

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Deaf Studio 29 Trio Sentenced

After a series of legal postponements, the Deaf Studio 29 defendants, Doris Martinez, Ellen Thompson, and Marc Velasquez Verson, have been handed their sentences.  Based on previous sentences given out to other VRS Fraud defendants, these were typical. Ms. Martinez was … Continue reading

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Two more convictions, and yet another two more postponements

Greetings, On Monday, July 15, 2013, Irma Azrelyant and Alfia Iskandarova were handed down their sentences. Ms. Azrelyant received nearly the same sentence that Mr. Joshua Finkle received — 5 years of probation, with the first year of home confinement … Continue reading

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