Samuel Hawk Judgment and Forfieture documents

Although this is late to the game, for the sake of completeness, here are the documents pertaining to Mr. Samuel Hawk‘s judgment and forfeiture for your reading pleasure.

It is with appreciation to iDeafNews for keeping you all updated when Mr. Hawk was sentenced.

Judgment info in summary for Mr. Hawk:

Sentence Date: January 14, 2015
Sentenced: 55 months to Federal Prison;
3 years of post-prison supervised release;
$18,987,188 million restitution to be paid to the U.S. Government — $25 payable every quarter from prison, a minimum of $200 per month 30 days after release from prison
Reported to Prison: Schuylkill FCI (same prison as John and Joseph Yeh)
Inmate Number: 71290-066
Release Date: 02-01-2019

Hawk Judgment is here
Hawk Amended Judgment is here
Hawk Forfeiture is here

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