With Samuel Hawk’s sentencing back in January 2015, it is time for VRSJustice to bid you adieu.


With Mr. Samuel Hawk (Hawk Relay)‘s incarceration at the Schuykill FCI prison in February 2015, thus closing the final known VRS Fraud case.  As there is a statue of limitations on Federal Fraud cases exceeding $1 million of 7 years, and if there are no additional VRS Fraud cases filed by the U.S. Government by the end of next year (2016), it will mean that it is time for VRSJustice to wrap up the constant vigilance.  This site will remain open until a few months before the domain expires, and when that happens, the site will be relocated to a different site for all posterity forever.

Although there are other cases featuring deaf defendants (and plaintiffs)  (look to the Zombie Walk Driver as an example), these cases are beyond the scope of which VRSJustice was started on.  There are other deaf news outlets out there that will keep the deaf community updated on all happenings with respect to these other cases involving a deaf individual.

I would be remiss to not recognize the forefather of VRS Fraud coverage, Mr. Daniel Foster aka ClercJr, for keeping the Deaf Community updated on everything related to VRS Fraud.  Hats off to him in spirit.  He is still missed by many.

Finally, it is with sincere hope that all these VRS Fraud cases have helped our VRS Providers to become more responsible and serious about providing service organically and ethically.

Constant vigilance!

VRSJustice, who will forevermore remain anonymous.

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