News Blurb: VRS Fraud Inmate Updates

A quick update on the whereabouts of the VRS Fraud inmates since there have been movement on their locations.

Larry Berke has transferred from Tucson FCI over to CCM Phoenix.  This is interesting since if you recall his lawsuit prior to being incarcerated.  BOP Tucson FCI had all the necessary accessibility accommodations needed for Mr. Berke’s stay due to the presence of another deaf inmate who is serving a life sentence.  CCM Phoenix is a contract “halfway house.”

Benjamin Pena is still at the La Tuna FCI in Anthony, Texas.  As an aside, one wonders why he was originally assigned to an Oklahoma prison then reassigned to a Texas prison, when his former residence was near Phoenix, Arizona.  Would that make Tucson FCI a more logical choice with all the accessibility accommodations made for that other deaf lifer and is closer to his original residence?

John Yeh and Joseph Yeh are still incarcerated at Schuykill FCI in Pennsylvania.

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3 Responses to News Blurb: VRS Fraud Inmate Updates

  1. GRN says:

    The information about address of CCM Phoenix where Berke has been relocated indicates it may well be just an office. It is a little surprising that he'd be relocated out of prison this early for his sentence runs to to June 23, 2014. Apparently the last few months inmates are relocated to halfway houses but with Berke it apparently is close to a year. These last few months are used to readjust an inmate to normal life and assist them in finding employment and so on.
    The four that were sent off to prison except for the Yeh's may have been sent to different places due to the fact they all apparently turned in each other in hopes they'd receive a lower sentence or ??? Rather than being pals in rip offs they are enemies.

  2. Concerned says:

    any update on Bonheyo convictions? seem they are getting away with murder, er, fraud.

    • vrsjustice says:


      No updates so far. I have been monitoring PACER at least once a week, usually on Mondays. Remember, they already have plead guilty. As such, they are indeed guilty by their own admission. They will be sentenced…eventually, the question is when. For we all know, they could be cooperating with FCC and the FBI in getting an indictment against another unknown party.

      If you recall Clerc Jr's posts and maybe one or two of my posts, the indictment document for the Bonheyos stated that there are other unidentified parties that the FBI and FCC are looking at. Further cooperation by the Bonheyos may look good for them at the actual sentencing, which could help them get a reduced sentencing.

      In fact, the Honorable Judge Pisano has already approved Bridget Bonheyo's (not Jerome Bonheyo) ability to spend money that she has for her business (around 3,000 off my head). Similarly, the Honorable Judge Pisano had already approved Bridget Bonheyo's ability to travel in the 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii are off limits for now).

      It does make one wonder why the court is making so many liberties for someone who committed white-collar fraud, mail and wire fraud, and plead guilty for it.

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