Current Count of Where VRS Fraud Defendants Stand

Terminated Pending
Guilty Verdict
Not Guilty/Dismissed Prison Released from Prison
31 0 29 – Plea Bargain
1 – Guilty by Jury Trial (Benjamin Pena)
1 – Dismissed/charges dropped (Kathleen Valle) 4 – In Prison (John Yeh, Joseph Yeh, Benjamin Pena and Samuel Hawk) 1 – Larry Berke
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6 Responses to Current Count of Where VRS Fraud Defendants Stand

  1. linda says:

    ben pena…… somone rumor that he had been worked at deaf cruise as acccounted since 2012 but closed it down cux of bust him for fraud vrs last nov of 2012……i lost my money on deaf cruise (for next july 2013 tour)….i was so darn upset abt it…..not know if he stole or somone else… i need to know what is going on .. thanks

    • vrsjustice says:

      According to Google, Mr. Benjamin Pena does indeed own DeafCruise. If you lost your money and you paid using a credit card, you may have some recourse. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. IF you paid using check or money order, do you have a copy of it (cancelled check or a carbon copy of the money order)? If yes, you may want to discuss with an attorney to see what your options are (in most jurisdictions, this is a civil not criminal matter, so you would have to sue DeafCruise to get a refund).

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  3. Vinny Schaefer says:

    I already knew that it was fraud so I will never ever buy from deaf vendors cuz they are crooks also greed.

  4. Natalie says:

    Thanks for this information ~ how to get the refund… I need his attorney's name to contact about it. Can you give me a name?

    • vrsjustice says:


      You will need to contact an attorney, probably an attorney that specializes in tort law, in your state to find out what you can do. Or you can contact your state's Bar Association to find an attorney who will represent you. This will be a civil matter, which means you will need to sue Benjamin Pena and the Deaf Cruise company for a refund. Depending on how much you paid, usually no more than $3,000 to $5,000, to Mr. Pena and his company, small claims court will be your civil path. You can even do small claims without an attorney, if you want to. Google is your friend on what you need to do.


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