Updates: Sentencing Re-scheduled; Pena to Prison


Seven defendants had either a sentencing date of To Be Determined (TBD) or a date rescheduled to July next year, the defendants also include the Bonheyos.  The Deaf Studio 29 defendants finally got a sentencing date after being TBD for over a year.

Two (Joshua Finkle and Oskana Strusa) are still scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow at 10:00 AM.  Another two (Hennadii Holovkin and Anthony Mowl) will be sentenced next Monday, December 17th.  As always, these dates may change anytime between now and gosh knows when.

Mr. Benjamin Pena has reported to prison as scheduled, however, the Federal Bureau of Prison inmate locator shows that he is still in transit.  I have been monitoring this for quite some time and this has yet to be changed to a facility name.  As soon as this changes, I will post a short news blurb.   Here is the link to the inmate locator for Mr. Pena:  Inmate Locator

The VRS Fraud Defendants Tally has been updated with the new information and is at this link.

VRS Justice

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6 Responses to Updates: Sentencing Re-scheduled; Pena to Prison

  1. alan says:

    July 2013? Why does it take so long? It happened to Yehs before, too. I am not sure if it is necessary to have a major delay for them? Is it cause they are still investigating on this case, or what?

    • vrsjustice says:

      Your guess is as good as mine. It could be because the PSIR (pre-sentencing investigation report) is not complete. It could be that the Honorable Judge Pisano's caseload is heavy and his office requested the change. The change is not documented so we resort to guessing, unless we walk up to the prosecutor's office and ask the reason for the continued delays.

  2. Vinny Schaefer says:

    Good for them so now Hey deafies whoever is trying to fraud for anything will join with Ben Pena so he can screw ur ass.

  3. Shaka Zulu says:

    I still think the Judge Pisano should have thrown Joshua Finkle and Irma in jail. They got off too easy. I have one question do they keep their social security when they reach 65 years old? There is no way our govt is going to recoup the 7 million dollars from Finkle even if pay $ 50 a month. That s $600.00 years. Irma is the one who mastermind everything and Joshua got persuaded to join the scandal. I rather see Irma in jail more than Joshua Finkle. They both committed the crime since they were partner. I think our government let most of the deaf people off the hook and I would have made an example of all these deaf croonies. I wish they could see the other side of the rainbow when our government take away there freedom from all the Viables croonies. I can' t wait for the Bonyheo s clan.

  4. Aninymous says:

    Any update on Bonheyo? It is pretty too long. That is fishy.

  5. andrea Louie says:

    Yehs are still innocent and good honest as I know. John Yeh (60 yrs old) repeated, repeated to his attorney that he was not guilty. But his attorney kept telling him that he had to say "I am guilty". I know him as I trusted him because I worked hard.

    Studio 29 in Huntington Beach, California were bad …use fraud. He used fraud for saving. then he bought a house in Oregon.

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